Spolupráca s anglickou školou

17.05.2016 13:55

Nadviazali sme spoluprácu s anglickou školou, ktorá nás oslovila ako prvá.

Dear Ms Lesigova,


I am reaching out from a London-based special education needs school because one of our colleagues in the UK FCO/High Commission recommended that we get in touch.


As a teaching school, we are committed to having an impact on special educational needs strategy and best practice in the UK and beyond. We currently work with a number of European, African and Asian countries who deploy our expertise to look at matters of curriculum adaptation, assessment fit for SEN children, support to teachers and Teaching Assistants, premises and building management, sports and PE, leadership more generally and collaborative research projects including an Erasmus + grant. We would be so pleased to establish a relationship with a school in Slovakia to engage with us on matters of special educational needs.

 I attach a short set of slides which focus on our leadership programmes – but our aims to collaborate extend far beyond. So please do let us know if you would like to discuss.


Kind regards,



 Dr Isabel Noronha-DiVanna

Director of Business Development

Swiss Cottage School Development & Research Centre, 80 Avenue Road, London, NW8 6HX

Tel: 020 75863311 ext 116| Mob: +44 (0) 7701 006 555

Email: Isabel.Noronha-DiVanna@swisscottage.camden.sch.uk



Professionals and Parents co-creating a better future for young people.


This event will shape life-long pathways for young people with SEND. The day will include presentations, workshops and a marketplace where we explore issues facing young disabled people like getting a job and developing new skills, relationships, making friends and how to become more involved in your community.


We welcome families, teachers, SENCOs, Education professionals, service providers, professionals involved in Local Authority planning, health and social services to join us to help young people with disabilities and complex Special Educational Needs.


More information about this event can be found on https://www.swisscottageteachingschool.org.uk/


Základná škola Matice slovenskej 13, Prešov, školský rok 2021/2022