How many languages you know, the more of a man you are... is an old truth.

About how Jolly Phonics with our teacher traveled to London. Our teacher  Mgr. Adriana Lešigová was chosen as one of the 400 teachers in Slovakia worked on the Jolly Phonics method.


Our school will cooperate with the British Council in IT technology.
Cooperation offered us Mr. John Rolfe / Marketing Manager-Outreach / Education and Society British Council.He would like us to join in the ICT technology programme for schools and he would like to find us a partner in the UK, with which we could work together.


Business card: Mgr. Adriana Lešigová, methods guarantor of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic. English teacher of Jolly Phonics method in the preparatory year and 1st grade elementary school classes, Matice Slovenskej 13 / A, Presov, Slovakia.
Due to the excellent results achieved with this method completed in January 2015 she attended a week stay in London.

Study program lasted from 18 to 23 January 2015, and it was a wonderful time of meetings, knowledge and experience.
Progress must be described formally, so I put my enthusiasm aside for a moment and now have a look what
was happening in London and how I esteemed company moved:

The objective of this program were:
- Share knowledge, information and best practices in e-learning, innovation and school education in the United Kingdom,
- Explore how to use e-learning technologies such as improved training program and the overall quality of the school,

- Examine how these ICT technologies have changed the role of the teacher to approach the development of digital literacy,
- To share experiences of ICT in teaching and compare individual schools,

- Accompany delegates to the largest parade of ICT "BET show 2015 ', which consisted of 600 exhibitors from around the world
- Examine how the use of ICT in primary and secondary schools in the UK.

Does it look complicated? Do not panic, many e-learning technologies can be systematically get into our schools.
I'm back home. Among my colleagues I will be talking for a long time about how I was wandering round he world.


Our Primary school is located at 13 Matice slovenskej street in Presov. It  is situated in the suburb of Presov about 2 km far from the city centre. Presov is a beautiful city of about 100 000 inhabitants with its rich history. The Presov region is in the East of Slovakia and it has been a socio-economically disadvantaged area for the last 15 years. There is a high unemployment rate in our region.

Montage vytvoril Bloggif

We provide pre-primary education for children with postponement school, primary education and lower secondary education.
In addition to tradional classes there are special classes - Establishment for/with learners with special educational needs.(for pupils with impaired communication ability and learning disabilities)

Forms of school integration are:
a) integration in the special  classes
b) individual integration where the pupils with special educational needs are educated according to individual educational programme.


February 1, 2015, we opened the gates of our school for 45 years, so that people get cleverer.

With respect and gratitude jubilee, our elementary school, all former and current employees, parents and pupils congratulating and wishing, let the educational process continues heading to perfection and let the students still speaks kindly, with a stark certainty and always professionally, at its mission.

Our school is involved in a national project Digitalization of regional education education system, which is implemented by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic.



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Enrollment in primary and preparatory class for the school year 2015/2016

You don´t need to be in the kindergarten if you can already be in pre-preparatory classroom at school.


 No need to be a pre-school grader to enroll for pre-elementary.

We gladly invite all future students of pre-elementary and elementary grade and their parents for the enrollment ceremony that will take place on 16th Jan. 2015 from 16:00 to 18:00 in the premises of our school.

Pre-elementary grade is designed for :

  • Children that have their school attendance postpopned & 6-year olds with a "naughty tongue"
  • 5-year old pre-schoolers with exceptional skills

           42 pre-elementary children have enrolled in the school year of 2014/15.

The enrollment will be taking place daily until 15th Feb 2015 from 08:00 - 16:00 in the headmaster's office.


Tel. 051/7713331

For more details, visit: http.


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